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Anthony Weiner… His Name says it all!

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I was watching/listening to Imus this morning and he was interviewing one of his favorite guests, Anthony Weiner. It is simply amazing to me that someone could be so vacuous and still be alive!

Now I’m not a fan of Republicans by any stretch of the imagination. Democrats however, have become a walking caricature of stupidity. This morning Congressman Weiner asserted that Republican wanted to take away medical benefits for senior citizens, give tax cuts to Billionaires and repeal Obamacare which would add a trillion dollars to the deficit. The problem is that he said this with a straight face and it’s all a lie.

Statist Republicans want to control you and me as much as the Statist Democrats do. The degrees to which both will and want to control are varied. Suffice it to say that if Satan was a 10 on the evil scale, Democrats come in at a warmish 9.5 and Republicans come in at a tepid 9.2. Evil is evil folks and neither major party has any real concern for your or my freedom.

As for Mr. Weiner though, he is tapping lightly on Satan’s door. The problem for Mr. Weiner is that the premise on which he bases his claims are false which make just about everything he does, wrong. Allow me to explain.

His premise is that government is  a place where people can come together, see what is wrong with the country and use force; the barrel of government guns, to exact their compassion and their “fixes” on the rest of us. It’s okay to steal the production of honest hard-working Americans and give it away… as it is the right of the government to steal without fear. After all their morality is superior and they know much better than you or me, how to formulate the best possible life. How benevolent of them.

You own yourself. You own your heart, mind and soul. Everything you do, you own. That is if you’re free. If you’re not free then who owns you? The government claims you’re free and yet stake their claim on your production. The stake their claim on a part of your heat, mind and soul. They do it with the “law” on their side. Legality and morality are not mutually exclusive.

Without codified theft of the heart, mind and soul of the working people of this country, Mr. Weiner would undoubtedly be flipping hamburgers or washing toilets as it seems that’s all the brain power he has. All politicians have been involved in the world’s largest Ponzi scheme without fear of repercussion. The government is broke. Social Security was broke, is back in the black for the rest of the year and then will continue to function in the red for the rest of it’s time as a program. And people think privatizing it is a bad thing!

Mr. Weiner has a much larger problem. Without being able to legally steal from the “rich” which is a joke if one understands economics 101 at all, there is no Medicare or Medicaid. There is no program that redistributes wealth. The premise that he or the government has the right to steal the heart, mind and soul of the citizens of this country and dole it back out to the “less fortunate” is flawed and ultimately evil. It creates a plantation in the form of US borders and the citizens are free range slaves.

Regardless of what you think about the “rich” in this country, they have earned what they have, haven’t they? Did they steal it? Did the provide a good or service for consumers and earn their money that way? The tax cuts would also affect those who make as little as $250k per year. Most of those are small businesses who help to drive the economy. Tax cuts for those people will bring jobs and benefits to millions who are at present unemployed or underemployed.

The wealthiest Americans put their money at risk. They do that by hiring people and developing  goods and services that people want or need. Do we want that to stop? That is what will happen if we steal from the producers in this country. Without them, the economy slows or stops. Doubt that? Look around. See the 10% unemployment? Is it going down? Government is unable to sustain spending without more borrowing and fewer countries have the money to loan.

As for the deficit… Under Dimwit 43, the deficit was substantial. Half a trillion dollars is nothing to sneeze at. Today though? $1.3 TRILLION in deficit spending. How Mr. Weiner, will adding to the government spending with more programs, reduce the deficit? It won’t and he knows it.

There is no easy fix here. The tea party folks have the right idea but they are putting their eggs in the GOP basket. Republicans have shown and are continuing to show that they have an agenda that is not based on implementing the basic principles of freedom. Instead, it’s socialism-lite. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

What we need is a party that is dedicated to freedom and responsibility. Libertarian Party seems to be pretty close to the best party for freedom. The real problem is that very few people are ready for or want freedom. They would rather have someone in charge of their life. Ben Franklin said “They that would trade essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty or freedom.” It’s time for a change.


Written by Robb

December 6, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Posted in Politics

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