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The Tax Deal… See I Told You So!

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Today the coward President of the United States and the even more cowardly congress, have come to an agreement that will extend the Dimwit 43’s tax cuts as well as extend unemployment benefits for the chronically unemployed. As I stated in yesterday’s post, the Republicans are Socialism-Lite. The real problem is that none of this is being paid for by us today. Instead it’s being leveraged against our great-great-grandchildren; future generations of American slaves.

Hopefully the Tea Party folks see this as the example being set for the rest of the government and rise to the occasion for the 2012 elections. These elected officials just don’t get it!

The problem is two-fold… First the benefits have to be paid for and with the government swimming in and drowning in RED ink, it is an expense we can no longer afford. The addition of this to the deficit spending that will have to be paid back by future generations of American slaves, is the second part of the problem. No good came of this today. In essence the government has taken a huge gulp of sour mash before heading in to the AA meeting. Unless and until some fiscal sanity comes about; and today isn’t an indication of that taking place, we are gasping for air in the deep end of the pool wearing weighted boots.

Obama’s claim that what happened today will help stimulate the economy is almost too stupid for reply. However, that shouldn’t stop the truth. In reality what happened today is we came home, opened up the Visa bill, saw we were in debt to roughly three times our yearly income, and decided to go out and by a new car. Simply irresponsible spending. Then again what else would one expect from this government?

Obama, if he takes any clues from Bubba 42, has almost certainly assured his re-election. The Tea Party congress will reign in spending, the tax cuts will help to stimulate the economy and Obama will get all of the credit. Much like Bubba, Obama has inherited problems from a liberal/progressive Republican with conservative overtones; liking wars and hating abortion, who spent too much and got the economy in trouble. Neither of the Bush’s were fiscally responsible. “Read my lips, no new taxes” was after all lip service from a man with no lips. That should have been our first clue.

Hopefully Obama’s cowardice will be harder to draw out. Hopefully he will, unlike Bubba, stick to his guns and continue to try and spend money like a drunk socialist. He could try to continue his spending spree and call Republicans “obstructionists” which would undoubtedly backfire.

Obama is far more dangerous to this country than 41 and/or 43 or both combined. Wars are despicable, but can actually stimulate economic growth. The “shovel ready” projects that so many Democrats like, are just what bomb, plane and ship building are. It’s the type of Keynesian economics that these politicians adore. If it wasn’t for the killing, they’d be all for it.

What we can hope for is these spotlight loving politicians continue in their “how are we going to get re-elected” mode and show themselves to be in their own best interest, instead of that of the people. The Wikileaks light could and should shine on them all… maybe that would keep them on their toes. Since all religions are agents of control, maybe the invisible man in the sky keeping an eye on what we do, can make politicians think twice before the screw us again. Of course that’s wishful thinking, isn’t it? Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism, Christianity, Islam et al are all religions. It’s the unwavering belief that there is no other way for life to move forward, that is undoubtedly the death knell for humanity.

Instead of understanding that evolution continues even today, and Natural Selection and Survival Of The Fittest actually do work, we hold on to the ideology that a benevolent entity can best dole out what is best for mankind. God or government… it doesn’t work and never will. We need to understand that what is being created is a shield between what works and what always fails. Rome fell. The Soviet Union fell. East Germany fell. Cuba is falling. It’s time we get a clue before we devolve back into single cell organisms.


Written by Robb

December 7, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Posted in Politics

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