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Anthony Weiner is at it again!

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This morning, I watched a news clip of Anthony Weiner being interviewed about the Estate Tax. His contention is that the money in the estates of over $1 million or at least a good portion of it, belong to the Federal Government. Of course this is double, triple or quadruple taxation as the monies have been taxed when they were earned and presumably there will be property or properties that have paid taxes on a yearly basis that will again be taxed by the Feds. It’s clear that Mr. Weiner is the poster child for the “caricature of stupidity” that has a stronghold on politicians; especially the Liberal Democrat variety.

The incredulity that Mr. Weiner displayed as he was asked about the double taxation aspect should be a sign to folks that the end of the US Empire is near and none too soon. The presumption that politicians have the right to steal from the people to satisfy their own compassion or their own morality is quite remarkable. “How dare you question me and my morality here!” was the gist of his response. He rolled his eyes and turned away from the camera in a most arrogant manner and retorted “are you ready now? Are you ready to hear the answer?” He then proceeded to restate the question that was no where related to the original question with the premise that his moral standing in congress allowed him to steal outright to give to the less fortunate.

He answered the question he asked himself and that was “at what rate should it be taxed?” By then I had to turn the channel as my brain cells were being assaulted and I tend to guard my brain cells much like a mother grizzly guards her cubs. It is clear that this particular politician and many more just like him have no clear concept of right and wrong.

Ayn Rand defines morality as “the judgment to distinguish right from wrong, vision to see the truth, courage to act upon it, dedication to that which is good and the integrity to stand by it at any cost.” I’m certain that Mr. Weiner will see his actions as good or he wouldn’t be doing them. I don’t think he’s an intentionally evil person, his actions however connote something entirely different.

I believe that everyone on the planet can distinguish right from wrong. If someone were to walk up to you and ask for money, you could ask for what they need the money. If they told you it was for drugs, you would presumably say no. If they  said they needed the money for food, you may acquiesce. It would be entirely your choice. I nor anyone else should have a problem with voluntary charity. If you have it available and wish to give it to aid someone in need, that should be your choice and yours alone.

If you needed that money for food for your own family however, you may say no; after all your survival would come before someone else’s. If however someone comes up to you with a gun and takes that money from you for whatever reason, they would be a thief. If they gave that money to a homeless person or someone else in need, would they be any less a thief? I would think no. The government in this case, is the thief with a gun. Even though an individual isn’t pulling the trigger, they are using the agents of government as a surrogate for theft.

You own yourself outright. No one has a claim on your life but you if you are free. You own your heart, mind and soul completely and without restrictions or reservations. You own everything you have done, are doing and will do. If Mr. Weiner decides that you have too much and should be separated from that which you have done in your life, he is stealing from you and is doing so with his eyes wide open, period. His actions are then immoral and the recipients of his “benevolence” are in effect receiving stolen property; your essence is being taken away for someone else’s benefit.

This country has become a paradise for parasites like Mr. Weiner and his ilk. They suck the life blood from honest people like the leeches they are. What is beginning to happen is the host organism is fighting back. That is usually what happens. Dogs and cats always scratch their fleas. Animals in the wild most assuredly pick off their ticks, right? The host in this case is the hard working public who do nothing but get up every day, go to work to earn as much as they can for themselves and their family. There is nothing inherently evil about someone who wants to earn millions of dollars in their life. That should be encouraged and rewarded by governments as their descendants should never be in need of government services. They will spend money on their lives and create jobs accordingly and proportionally. Right?

Today’s government have become the entity from which governments should protect the people. Codified theft is evil and those who use it, condone it or encourage it are those from which we need protection. There is nothing good about stealing even if the reason seems right.


Written by Robb

December 9, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Posted in Politics

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