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The reason Republicans will continue to lose

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Wolf Blitzer asked a question of the republicans at the Tea Party debate. He asked “if the 30 year old guy who is healthy and decides he doesn’t want to buy insurance because he doesn’t think he needs it, and he goes into a coma for 6 months, who’s going to pay for it?” It’s not really the question that is the problem, as much as the premise of the question.

In reality Mr. Blitzer asked “since this guy wants to do whatever he wants with his money and not take appropriate action to protect himself in an emergency, are you willing to force his neighbors to pay for his health care expenses?”  Mr. Blitzer believes that people should be forced to do the right thing; according to his morality. Heaven forbid someone prohibit abortions from happening, right? “You can’t force your morality on me!” But of course it’s okay for him to force his morality on us.

No one believes that people will be left to die in the streets. Although according to President Obama, “maybe he could take a pill instead of having the surgery?” I think it’s peculiar that liberal can decide that a person is too old for a life-saving heart surgery because of the cost; even though they have private insurance to cover it, but let someone decide they don’t want coverage because they’re “healthy” and “it costs too much” and all of the sudden all of his neighbors are forced at gunpoint, to take care of the bill. After all, if you don’t pay your taxes, you’ll see the guns of the government at your front door to collect them.

How is the state the best when it comes to meting out benefits? I mean, they can’t deliver the mail as well as UPS or FedEx. They can’t distribute charity better than the Red Cross or Salvation Army. They can’t educate kids better than the private schools. The FDA and USDA regularly approve foods and drugs that are tainted or have worse side-effects than many of the ailments for which they are prescribed. Look at the number of “If you’ve taken ‘Drug X’ and have had unwanted side-effects, call 1-800-SUE-THEM” ads on television. These drugs have the stamp of approval of the Federal Government and yet there are some very nasty repercussions. And the state is the best place to turn for health care?

The people do a much better job on their own of taking care of themselves and their neighbors. When someone is down and needs help, family and friends are a much better avenue down which we can turn for assistance. Agents of the government are slow to respond and are less likely to have to connections to the affected person or persons and the overall quality and quantity of help will be less. They will also be less likely to help the “meth-head” who can work and chooses to tweak instead so a more effective use of resources will dominate.

I was in a store yesterday and watched two women and their 5 kids, shuffle through the store picking up soda, chips, candy and gum. How did they pay for it? Their food stamp card! Really? You can buy junk food and candy with food stamps? That is a state sponsored program into which I have to pay and from which I will never benefit, and people get to use it for junk food? And you think the state is the best place for charity?

The bottom line is that unless and until Republicans argue against the premise that the state is a better place to turn for help than each other they are doomed to continued losses. The liberal argument is “don’t impose morality on me,” but since “I am more pure” I have the right to set standards for you. Republicans have to first accept that the premise is flawed; which is why we get “Big Government” Republicans like Dimwit 43, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. When it’s understood that we have no right to impose morality on each other and force each of us to “do the right thing” by some arbitrary standard, there will be more compassion and passion for our fellow man. The fire of the human spirit is hot and deep. We won’t let each other fail and suffer if at all possible. Until however, republicans show that the premise of state sponsored charity is flawed, we’re doomed to repeat our mistakes.


Written by Robb

September 14, 2011 at 2:55 pm

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  1. Well Said Robb

    Jay Clagg

    September 14, 2011 at 4:20 pm

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